Silver Lining’s humble beginnings go all the way back to the day that Cullen and Natasha had recently purchased a new home. Tasha, with an extensive background in the design industry, began sprucing up their new space and met with much frustration attempting to insert liners in her new kitchen drawers and cabinets.

Cullen and Natasha took their frustration and came up with a colorful idea: Custom Drawer Liners. They spent time researching materials and designs and came up with a product that proved to be durable, functional, custom fitted, user-friendly, and fashionable. With hundreds of styles and colors to choose from, there is sure to be a design choice that suits your space in Littleton, CO.

What Cullen and Natasha love so much about their Silver Linings products is that they provide home owners, amongst others in Littleton, CO, with a savvy, easy-to-apply solution that wont damage your surfaces when removed.